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Workshops Theme 2 Group C

Japan(Hokkaido) Urakawa High School High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Protect lives in local community with everyone and toward multicultural symbiosis
Survey Introduction We want, not only local people but also foreign immigrants, to know how to protect our personal safety from disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. We aim to realize a local society in which no one is left behind.
Method Referring to literature, questionnaires, and interviews
Subject Foreign residents and those working in disaster prevention in Urakawa town
Results Language barriers and lacks of knowledge prevent foreigners from realizing the importance of disaster mitigation.
Methods of supporting foreigners in time of disaster have not been established yet.
Issues ・ Foreigners don’t realize the necessity of disaster mitigation because they don’t have much knowledge about disasters.                      
・ We need to think more about supporting foreigners (especially those who can’t speak English.)  
Action Plan ・ Educational activities on disaster mitigation for local foreign residents through posters and leaflets.                        
・ Proposing a system for high school students to support foreigners in time of disaster.