Participating High Schools

Workshops Theme 3 Group F

Japan(Iwate) Kamaishi High School

School Introduction Video

Presentation Summary

Title Message Project ~spread the importance of being prepared~
Survey Introduction The school has a volunteer "Message Project" aimed at passing on the Great East Japan Earthquake to the next generation, and we wanted to think about whom we could pass it on to.
Method interviews
Results ・ This year, the members of Message Project held classed for high school students from inside and outside of the prefecture.
・ Online classes were also held for elementary and junior high school students in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo.
Issues ・We should teach the younger generations about the Great East Japan Earthquake
・What can we make the project lesson information more interesting to younger generations?   
Action Plan ・Let's create a picture video for elementary school students.
・ Let's promote our efforts to elementary and middle schools.