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Japan(Miyagi) Tagajo High School

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Title What Students in Tagajo H.S. Can Do to Pass On the Lessons We Learned: ~Connecting the Past with the Future~
Survey Introduction Tagajo city suffered an enormous destruction because of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the tsunami on March 11, 2011. Looking into the history of this city, it has suffered natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis many times. As we learned more about its history, we realized that it was necessary to learn from history and to pass on the experiences and lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake to future generations for disaster prevention and mitigation.
Method We investigated the information and data regarding the damage caused by natural disasters in Tagajo city. We focused on the earthquakes and tsunamis, and did field surveys and examined books and reports by the governments to learn what happed in the past.
Results ・Nearly 30% of the city was flooded after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
・188 people were killed and about 5,000 houses were affected.
・The tsunami, called “urban tsunami”, came from various unexpected directions.
・The Jogan earthquake in 869 caused a great tsunami, which also hit Tagajo, and killed one thousand people. However, there was a place which the tsunami didn’t reach and this was reported in a famous tanka (old Japanese poem).
Issues ・As time goes on, an increasing number of generations have no memory of or experience of great earthquakes and tsunamis.
・After the earthquake, "urban tsunamis” caused significant damage, but the detailed mechanisms of "urban tsunamis” are not yet understood. This makes it difficult to predict damage and develop countermeasures.
Action Plan ・ The seniors students should lecture the juniors about what happened in this city after the Great East Earthquake. Now we plan to train our juniors as a guide for this program and provide disaster prevention education to elementary and junior high school students.
・ We have been conducting experiments to know the mechanisms of urban tsunami.
And we plan to revise our hazard map based on the results of the experiments and disseminate this information on the city's website and SNS.