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Workshops Theme 1 Group B

Japan(Miyagi) Kesennuma High School

School Introduction Video

Presentation Summary

Title In order for preschoolers to learn about evacuation actions in case of disaster
Survey Introduction Preschoolers today don’t have experience of a huge earthquake. We must educate them in a non-threatening way.
Method We made an original play and proposed it to a daycare center.
Subject 12 preschoolers of Iwatsuki daycare center in Kesennuma.
Results ・ Preschoolers can learn about evacuation actions through play.
・ We can apply the fact to our evacuation drills.
Issues ・ The result is not objective enough because the experiment was done at only one facility.  
Action Plan ・ We need to conduct the experiment at many more facilities and get more data.                        
・ We need to think of the ways to spread the play which helps disaster prevention