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Japan(Miyagi) Sendai Daiichi High School

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Title Reconstruction required of us and disaster prevention for the future
Survey Introduction We were born six years before “Great East Japan earthquake.” We think that there is a gap in perception about the earthquake between our generation and older and those younger than us. So, we began to figure out what we can do for younger generation based on our experience, memory, and knowledge.
Method questionnaires
Subject our school’s sophomore (110 students), junior (159 students), and freshman from the junior high school that we graduated (303 students)
Results ・ The percentage who answered “No” to the question “Do you know any volunteer activities you can do when an earthquake happens?”
→junior 34.6%, sophomore 36.4%, freshman 34.4%: The percentage was higher than the other questions.
・ The percentage of freshman who don’t remember 3.11 was 14.5 %.
・ On the contrary the percentage of high school students who don’t remember 3.11 was 0%.
・ The percentage of freshman who live in the same area as 3.11 was 67.7%.
Issues ・ Even those who know how to save their own lives when in disaster don’t know what they can do for others in those situations.                
・ The generation who don’t remember the earthquake or those who were born after that also should learn what disasters including earthquakes are really like.  
Action Plan ・ We will devise “mutual-help volunteer action plans” which junior and senior high school students would think practical and possible.            
・ We will provide opportunities when high school students (or those who are older) can tell students in elementary and junior high schools about 3.11.
・ We will devise educational programs and introduce them into elementary schools, in which students learn from local adults about disasters prevention specialized for each area.