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Japan(Miyagi) Sendai Daisan High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Triage and first aid learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake 
Survey Introduction We are all interested in medical care.                  
We want to make use of the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Method interview,questionnaire,Internet
Subject Mr.Kiyoshi Yasuda(interview) , 140 high school students(questionnaire) 
Results ・Few high school students know about triage, which is sorting and allocating aid on the basis of need for medical treatment , but many high school students want to help injured people.                        
・Some people are against the idea that citizens make triage decisions and the word triage is unknown in society. 
Issues ・ Can citizens make triage decisions?          
・ If a major disaster occurs , you may not be able to calmly give others first aid. 
Action Plan ・ High school students should deepen their understanding of triage.   
・ It is important for us to actually try first aid instead of just learning how to do it.