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Japan(Yamagata) Sakata Higashi High School

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Title Universal with Pictograms
Survey Introduction Recently, the development of ICT has increased the amount of written information around the world. While convenient for many, this can actually make life even more difficult for people who cannot read a language, regardless of whether or not they have a disability. So based on my own experience with dyslexia, I’m aim to create emergency pictograms that convey meaning access all languages.
Method questionnaires, productions, interviews, experiments, etc.
Subject Sakata citizens and tourists from other prefectures. 330 people in total.
Results Of the six colors (red, yellow, black, green, blue, and red), green and blue received the most votes. From respondents, "It is used in various places and is the most familiar color."
Issues ・All the responses to the questionnaire were from Japanese people, and the result are not yet internationally acceptable.             
・ Since many people did not know what a pictogram is, there was a difference in perception, which affected the answers.
Action Plan ・Aiming to commercialize the pictograms created for use in companies and buildings in the future.
・ Ask high school students and art students in New Zealand to create designs and complete a questionnaire on easy-to-see colors,