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Japan(Ibaraki) Toyo Ushiku Senior High School

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Title Spreading the TSUNAMI FLAG
Survey Introduction If a tsunami were to happen when tourists go to the beach, it would be difficult to evacuate for people who haven't knowledge about the local area.If the current situation continues, a lot of tourists might be killed by the tsunami because of late evacuation .
Method questionnaires
Subject all the people who are in the toyo ushiku high school.
Results ・94.4% of people don't know the meaning of the Tsunami Flag.
・93.3% of people didn’t check hazard maps when they went to the beach.
Issues ・ They don’t know whre evacuation area ,so they be late evacuation.
・They don’t know the area to evacuate when a tsunami happens, so that people will be late to evacuate.
・ Many people don’t know about the tsunami flag.
Action Plan Share the meaning of the tsunami flag for lange wide range of generations.