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Japan(Saitama) Fudooka High School

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Title Protect Your Life from Flood Damage with the Power of Connections!
Survey Introduction We investigated past disasters, such as floods, heavy rain and river tsumamis in order to identify the strategies needed to create flood-resilient regions.
Method interviews / literature surgery
Subject Mr. Teramoto, a member of Sakae Higashi Residents’ Association and Organization of Disaster Prevention in Kazo. Ms. Kobayashi, a Welfare Commissioner in Kazo.
Results ・A small number of people took refuge at a shelter when an evacuation order was issued.
・Our school is located in Kazo, a city in Saitama prefecture. The geographical landscape of this region makes evacuation difficult.
Issues ・Some residents who live in an inland area like Saitama, don’t take action to evacuate.                      
・ Those who do take action to evacuate cannot reach shelters because of traffic jams.
Action Plan ・We created “My Timeline” with various members of the community. “My Timeline”is a plan that will help people evacuate smoothly.     
 ・My Timeline outlines methods people can utilize through social media in order to effectively notify others in their community of emergency situations and evacuation procedures.