Participating High Schools

Workshops Theme 3 Group E

Japan(Tokyo) Junten High school

Presentation Summary

Title To get people interested in disasters and go on social studies field trips to elementary and junior high schools for hands on disaster activities
Survey Introduction We asked about 100 people if they have ever joined a volunteer or not and 16 percent said that they have. Also we asked if they have interest in disasters or not and 68 percent said they do. From this result we didn't think that it was a lot. The fact that people have not experienced a real disaster makes it hard to imagine what it's like.
Method Using instagram to survey.
Subject To people who are in the same generation as us.
Results ・If you have ever joined a volunteer related to disaster→YES 16 percent.
・If you have interest related to disaster→YES 68 percent NO 32 percent.
Issues ・ Although disasters occur in Japan, there are only a few volunteers who join because their is no interst and knogledge about disaster                       
・ In elementary and junior high school we must have attended evacuation drills a lot of time because they don't have any interest. However, the teachers and the students are not actively participating or even if you are told verbally about what will happen in the event of a disaster guring drills, the children will not be able to internalize it.   
Action Plan ・ In different parts of Japan there is a place where you can experience the disaster and you can be in the same situation. This will allow you to have an experience in a dangerous situation and have elementary and junior high school students go to it for their social study trip.