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Japan(Kanagawa) Atsugi High School

Presentation Summary

Title Raising people’s awareness of disasters and implementing disaster management measures for a better recovery
Survey Introduction  Introduction: According to the survey by Cross Marketing Group Inc. in 2021, ten years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, about 90% of people answered that they felt the need for disaster management. However, only about 50% of them were actually taking disaster preparedness. We found that there were people who were aware of the necessity of disaster management but were not actually able to take action. Therefore, we want to change the current situation by clarifying the reasons why people don’t awareness into action.
Method We gave a quiz with 6 questions asking the basic knowledge of disaster management. We also asked a few questions whether some measures are actually being taken and why or why not.
Subjects: Some people aged 10-50.
Results The quiz had a low percentage of correct answers. Also, there were a lot of people who didn't prepare for the disasters. That's because they didn't have enough knowledge of the disasters, they had no idea what to start with and they had little sense of crisis about disasters.
Issues Among the six questions, we would like to cover the disaster emergency message dial and emergency food in our presentation.
①NTT Disaster Emergency Message Dial
→According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on the state of communications after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Disaster Emergency Message Dial was the first and most popular means of contact, but the results of this survey indicate that some respondents did not know it in the first place and were not familiar with its usage.
②Emergency Rations
→It is thought that single or couple households are more likely to neglect emergency provisions than households with children. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, where major earthquakes are expected to occur in the future, there are many single or couple households, so it is necessary to further raise awareness among these people.
Action Plan  ①NTT Disaster Emergency Message Dial
→First of all, we are going to explain about the NTT Disaster Emergency Message Dial, how to use it and its benefits at the summit. Then we are going to ask students to save the phone number (171) into their phones. In addition, we will ask them to teach the number to their family and friends.
②Emergency Rations
→Firstly, we are going to try to show how important Emergency Rations are under the circumstances of the Tokyo Inland Earthquake. Secondly, we are going to point out some kinds of the Emergency Rations, the prices of them and how much we need to prepare it and have people think about the Emergency Rations more concretely.