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Japan(Kanagawa) Yokohama Hiranuma High School

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Title Mitigation of disaster risks by providing reliable information
Survey Introduction When the Great Tohoku Earthquake occurred, the delay of the information made the damage much worse. How should we avoid such a situation and provide information with accuracy and immediacy?
Method Check the information problems (“when””what kind””why”) at that time, with twitter, radio, and official broadcasting.
Results ・ Twitter has immediacy but lack of accuracy. It also has the problem with media literacy. Radio can be a more useful tool but is lacking in visual information.
・ Official broadcasting has accuracy but lack of immediacy and local information.
Issues  ・ Twitter is a very useful tool for sharing immediate information but at the same time there is a danger of fake information. It also causes the confusion by showing old information. Seniors and foreign residents have difficulty in using digital tools. Radio can help more various people but has lack of visual information.
・ Official broadcasting can convey accurate information but it tends to be late in updating the latest news, due to the network disturbance. It also had difficulty covering local areas.
Action Plan  ・ To prevent fake twitter news, we should endorse information by verified badges. Delete the previous information and update information according to some rules. Add more information sources such as new applications and community wireless systems.
・ Not only the government but also the local municipalities and corporations should convey their information for local needs in their own ways, including local community radios.