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Workshops Theme 3 Group E

Japan(Kanagawa) Yokohama Midorigaoka High School

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Presentation Summary

Title The real reconstruction of Fukushima
Survey Introduction ・To discover more deeply the things which are familiar to us.
・To know the present situation of reconstruction of Fukushima.
Method We went to Fukushima and asked some people who faced the disaster.
Subject We asked some employees at Tokyo Electric Power Company and students in Fukushima.
Results We learned the process to restore lifestyle and uncover the present situation of Fukushima.
Issues There is prejudice towards the present of reconstruction. Some interviewees were found to regard the disaster as someone else’s problem, so they are unconcerned about the disaster.  
Action Plan To improve image of the present damaged things by the disaster and wipe out the prejudice towards reconstruction.                       
・ To show people the real situation of reconstruction and recommend them to go to the actual scene.