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Japan(Kanagawa) Yokosuka Sogo High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Living With Disaster: Overcoming The Challenge
Survey Introduction Basic knowledge of pre and post disaster management can save more lives. However, only few people have that knowledge
Method Internet research and questionnaire (disaster awareness survey)
Subject Yokosuka Sogo High School student and teacher
Results ・ Hazard map of Yokosuka City is divided by region and disaster. Yokosuka City has many organizations to help in the event of disaster.  
・It is found more than 50% people do not have knowledge how to help those people and even choose to save themselves only when disaster happen.
Issues  ・ Yokosuka City’s disaster information is written in Japanese only, making it difficult for foreigners and people with disabilities to understand.        
・ Some people have willingness to help others but do not know what to do when disaster strikes.
Action Plan ・We will propose a plan to the Yokosuka City Government to increase the evacuation signs for effective evacuation during disasters.
・Making disaster education app for practical use.