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Japan(Niigata) Niigata commercial High school

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Title The Niigata Earthquake Build Back Better plan from the damage  ~ to aim for raising awareness of each person~
Survey Introduction Our school is located near the Shinano River and its embankment called Yasuragi-tei. It is familiar to us because many students see the river and its embankment on their way to school. We learned that Yasuragi-tei was developed as a hydrophilic embankment after the Niigata Earthquake occurred in 1964. We researched the Niigata Earthquake, its damage, and building back better from the damage. In Geography class, we learned about the hazard map and found that the ground around our school consists of weak soil and there is a risk of liquefaction and flooding. We investigate the students’ awareness of precautionary measures against earthquakes with the aim of Disaster Risk Reduction.
Method Questionnaires using Google classroom form
Subject The whole school
Results ・According to those who answered the questionnaires, nearly 80 % know about the Niigata earthquake.
・More than 90 % of them recognize the closest evacuation sites from their houses.
・About 20 % of them have ever checked the hazard map around the school.
・Less than 20% of them are concerned about a risk of liquefaction and flooding around the school.
Issues ・Many students lack the knowledge of serious damage caused by the Niigata Earthquake and disaster prevention of the area where we live.
・There is an urgent need to raise their awareness of precautionary measures against earthquakes.
Action Plan We propose three action plans to raise awareness of disaster prevention cooperating with industry, college and other research institutes, and local government offices.
 1) “Niigata Earthquake Awareness Week”
Cooperating with local government offices, we set up a special week to raise awareness of precautionary measures against earthquakes.
2) VR and AR software program
Collaborating with universities, a VR software program can be developed to enable us to experience what happened in 1964’s Niigata Earthquake. Also, an AR software program makes it possible for us to see what our city would be like if there are earthquakes. These raise awareness of disaster prevention.
3) To add disaster prevention functions to “zenly” map app
Collaborating with its company, “zenly” map app can be fixed with additional functions that can monitor sea level and assess the liquefaction risk. By using this, junior high and senior high school students support the evacuation of the elderly and children.