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Workshops Theme 2 Group D

Japan(Niigata) Nagaoka High school

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Presentation Summary

Title Hazard maps for the visually impaired.
Survey Introduction Because visually impaired people can not utilize hazard maps and may delay their escape.
Method Create a 3D map for the visually impaired based on the hazard map of Murakami city.
Subject Mr, Igarasi
Results A hazard map was created using a 3D printer, and Mr, Igarasi, who is visually impaired, actually used the 3D hazard map to give us his impressions and suggestions for improvement.
Issues ・ We do not know our current location and the distance and time to the shelter.                      
・ We do not know what is up and down the map.      
・Few people can read Braille and it cannot be utilize
Action Plan ・ Improve the problem areas based on the advice received←introducing voice (When the button is pressed, the location of the shelter is read out, and so on.)