Participating High Schools

Workshops Theme 3 Group E

Japan(Niigata) Kashiwazaki High Scool

Presentation Summary

Title By utilizing the reconstruction of The Niigataken Chuetsu‐oki Earthquake
Survey Introduction It was the biggest earthquake that we have ever experienced close to each other, and it was a good opportunity to ask those involved in the reconstruction about the experiences and wisdom they had cultivated
Method Interviews, Date investigation
Subject MITOBE, Satoshi (Interview)
Results ・ At the time of the earthquake, Kashiwazaki City was characterized by strong each region ground. Each area had a high level of “local autonomy” such as operating evacuation centers on their own. At its root,
community centers, etc. were functioning as a hub for community development. In this way, as the region was functioning well, the number of NPOs and other groups increased, and we were able to move quickly toward reconstruction.

Issues  ・Reconstruction cannot be accomplished by individuals. It is created by the cooperation of many people. However, Japanese society today has become much more convenient and individuals are making greater claims than that of the Chuetsu-oki Earthquake 15 years ago. However, that makes it easier to lose connections with people. It also means that the unity in the area will weaken, and the smooth transition to reconstruction will be difficult in the event of an earthquake disaster.

Action Plan ・We will continue to operate community centers to preserve the strength of the unity in the Kashiwazaki area. We will actively create opportunities for local residents to cooperate with each other .
・We will also expand such institutions to areas which don’t have community centers.