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Japan(Niigata) Murakami Secondary School

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Title This Is Our Story — Small Steps for Big Changes
Survey Introduction We, who have just suffered from the flood disaster on August 3 and 4, 2022, in Murakami area in Niigata prefecture, should make use of our experiences to decrease incoming disasters including tsunamis.
Method ① Ask our classmates to answer the questionnaire ( as quantitative research ) about their preventative actions towards any kinds of disasters.
a. Had you prepared food or emergency supplies ( such as helmets and batteries ) or done any actions ( such as checking hazard maps ) before the disasters?
b. Did you use food or emergency supplies during this disaster? c. What problems did you experience during this disaster? d. Have you prepared the food or emergency tools or done any actions after this disaster?
e. What problems are you having now?
N. B. : “This disaster” refers to the flood disaster on August 3 and 4, 2022, in Murakami area in Niigata prefecture.
② Choose some people who gave unique answers ( as qualitative research )
③ Make action plans based on what we learned from the interview with the city officers, attending the symposium, and the results of the survey.

Subject Our classmates, 67 students ( “Murakami Chuto” 5th graders or high school 2nd graders )
Issues ① In spite of preparation, the water damage from the flood was devastating that some goods could not be used properly.
② In spite of preparation, the quality of some foods and goods became worse than expected so they could not be used properly.

Action Plan ① Make sure of the proper amount of water is prepared or think of other solutions that use less water.
② Better monitor our emergency supplies so they stay up to date. And try to use our prepared supplies in our daily lives.