Participating High Schools

分科会テーマ3 Group F

Japan(Niigata) Kashiwazaki Shoyo Secondary School

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Presentation Summary

Title World Tsunami Awareness Day High School Student Summit The past, present and future of disasters from the perspective of blue birds
Survey Introduction We want to know how cities damaged by big disasters have improved conditions.
Method We will research with the internet, printed media, and interviews with our teacher and family members who have experienced a natural disaster.
Results ① Lack of community collaboration
② The spiritual aspect is less important
③ It is difficult to use a phone line when a major disaster occurs
Issues ② Lack of mental health care has increased the number of people suffering from mental illness and emotional trauma.
③ The phone lines were busy and it was difficult to get through on the phone.
⇢ So, it took a lot of time to confirm families’ safety.
Action Plan Participation in disaster prevention drills and local events⇢Strengthening of regional   cooperation⇢Smooth recovery such as removal of debris
② Like point①, the community should cooperate more and help each other mentally, too.
・Not only the affected areas but also people in other areas should help each other.
Example: Exchange messages on SNS, artists send songs to disaster areas.
③ ・Refrain from making unnecessary phone calls during a disaster.
⇢Priority people can make contact.
・Develop more communication media which enable people to contact with others easily other than telephones. Example: application LINE was developed seeing the Great East Japan earthquake.