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Japan(Niigata) Kohshi Secondary School

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Title Student-centered Disaster Prevention
Survey Introduction Introduction: We thought recent disaster prevention programs at schools such as evacuation drills have not encouraged students’ initiative. Moreover, we thought, students have little to no opportunities to learn about disaster prevention methods.
Method interviews, field studies
Subject (1) Higasi Yamanoshita Elementally School
(2) The disaster prevention section of the Niigata City Office
(3) Albirex Niigata
(4) People who experienced the Niigata Earthquake in 1964
Results (1) Higashi Yamnoshita elementary school, which had experienced the Niigata Earthquake, has introduced a student-centered disaster prevention program.
(2) We learned how the disaster prevention section of the Niigata City Office is working on disaster prevention in Niigata City.
(3) We learned Albirex Niigata is trying to raise people’s awareness about disaster prevention with entertaining methods such as a quiz rally.
(4) We were able to hear real experiences about the Niigata Earthquake in 1964.
Issues ・There are few chances to learn about natural disaster prevention and what equipment is useful for it.
・Evacuation drills at school appear to be merely a formality.
・Students such as ourselves do not know what we can do at a shelter.
Action Plan ・ We can introduce student-centered learning activities about disaster prevention such as a quiz rally.
・ We can introduce and learn about the prevention tools offered by our prefecture and city governments.
・ We can summarize the Niigata City’s Shelter Operation Manual in order for students to be helpful at a shelter during a disaster.