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Japan(Niigata) Niigata Meikun Senior High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Aiming for reconstruction led by local residents
Survey Introduction 1.Only a few people participate in community development and local residents’ opinions are not reflected.
2.The needs of victims are not reflected in volunteer activities.
3.A generation responsible for the future does not have enough opportunities to learn about natural disasters and does not take part in reconstruction.
Method 1.Visiting the affected areas to research problems of reconstruction
2.Visiting the affected areas to research examples of reconstruction led by local residents.
3.Talking to disaster victims, geologists and city planning specialists.
Subject 1. Earthquake remains (Okawa Elementary School, Kadonowaki ES, Ukedo ES)
2. Disaster areas (Arahama area, Yuriage area)
3. Related institutions (Natori city Earthquake Reconstruction Museum, Tobu fukko doro road)
4. Books (About 2004 Chuetsu Earthquake, About 2007 Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake, etc…)
5. Related people(Professor Athusi Urabe, Professor Kunihiro Fukutome, Residents in Arahama area, A worker at Namie town hall )
Results 1. We have gotten some viewpoints and ideas about possible solutions from the perspective of victims by their stories in the disaster areas of the Great East Earthquake.
2. The government has taken safety measures such as mounding along the streets to minimize the damage, which leads sustainable life.
3. We found that victims do not have much time to think about
Issues 1. There are many cases where only a few specific people are participating in reconstruction without gathering other opinions, and so the victims’ opinions are not fully reflected.
2. In the areas where restoration and reconstruction are behind, they have lost their vitality because many people did not come back from their refuges.
3. In the process of reconstruction, original existence of local communities tends to be ignored. Then, they could not create as comfortable places as before.
4. Huge gaps about the levels of reconstruction are clearly seen between non-flooded areas and flooded areas, or cities and villages.
Action Plan 1. We will take part in the International Understanding Presentation Contest on December 17 at Toki Messe, and make a presentation about what we learn through this summit.
2. We will make opportunities for students to discuss disasters in our own junior high and high school so that we can understand disasters more by ourselves. After that, we will make groups by our region to share our opinions. By doing so, the bonds of each local community can be strengthened.
3. We will organize the Student Council Union with high school students in Niigata Prefecture, and encourage them to raise awareness for disaster prevention. In addition, we can strengthen the bond among high school students in Niigata.