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Japan(Nagano) Ueda High School

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Title Learning from Flooding in Typhoon No. 19
Survey Introduction The flood damage caused by Typhoon No. 19 in 2028 was extraordinary. We wanted to learn more about flood damage in our own area, so we decided to conduct a survey.
Method Internet
Results ・ The earthquake caused collapsed railroad bridges, levee breaches, flooding, landslides, and infrastructure shutdowns.
・ According to "The Use of ICT Technology in the Disaster of Typhoon No.19 in Nagano City in 2019 and Future Prospects," written by Yasushi Fuwa, which summarizes the prefectural and municipal government's response at the time of evacuation and the results of a questionnaire from households that were issued disaster victim certificates or evacuation advisories at that time, while 44.6% did not evacuate. When those who did not evacuate were asked the reason, "I did not think I would be harmed" (42.5%),the reasons given.
Issues ・ Some levees had not suffered flood damage for many years, suggesting that the levees were aging.
・ The problem is that people's understanding of disasters is low.
Action Plan ・ First, identify evacuation routes around you.
・ Increase the understanding of high school students in disasters. Even
people close to me sometimes have a poor understanding of flood damage.
Confirm at schools, etc., not only evacuation procedures for earthquakes
and fires, but also evacuation procedures for flood disasters.