Participating High Schools

Workshops Theme 1 Group A

Japan(Aichi) Taisei High School

Presentation Summary

Title Flood Damage in the Urbanized Area
Survey Introduction Recently, heavy rain has caused flood damage many times in Japan, so we wanted more details about the heavy rain caused by Senjo-Kosuitai (a belt of cumulonimbus clouds that cause a band of torrential rain) that occurred in the Tokai area in 2000.
Method Take a survey about disaster prevention awareness (Questionnaires)
Subject First and Second grade students of our school (Total 207)
Results ・24.5% of the respondents experienced flood damage, lost essential utilities, and were unable to return home because of heavy rain that occurred in the Tokai area in 2000. After that, almost everyone prepared emergency supplies or located disaster shelter.
・The percentage of students who used emergency dial(171) was just 4%.
Issues ・Emergency dial(171) is not well known now.
・Number of occurrences of Senjo-Kosuitai is increasing. On the other hand, estimating is difficult.
Action Plan ・We announce this research and the issues at our school festival. 
・We put up posters about the necessity of emergency dial (171, including Web171) and how to use them in each class in our school.