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Japan(三重県) Yokkaichi High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Removing neglect of natural disasters helps to reduce damage
Survey Introduction When I took lessons about disaster prevention in junior high school, my
teacher said, “Tsunami often occurred in Tohoku district, so the residents there got used
to it. People failed to escape because they felt OK when the Great East Japan Earthquake
happened.” I thought we could reduce damage by reducing the number of people delaying
escape for psychological reasons.
Method Lesson videos: “Aiming for Zero Casualties through Proper Evacuation”(Gunma
University),“Social Psychology of Disaster Prevention--the Effect of‘Everyone is doing it’”
(Kansaifukushi University), Red Cross HP (https://www. publication/news/ 
Results People fail to escape because of “normalcy bias” or“synchronicity bias”.
Issues In Japan, many natural disasters happen every year, therefore, people get used to them and feel OK even when they happen.
Action Plan ・ We should always imagine how we should act in natural disasters.
・ We should prepare layouts of rooms in houses to identify dangerous places.
Students or children should play a role of initiative refugees, because they have had few
experiences of natural disasters, which makes them feel they are in danger.