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Workshops Theme 2 Group C

Japan(Osaka) Takaishi High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Let’s see the invisible disasters!
Survey Introduction We realized we, high school students, have basic information about disaster preventions, but how little we know about the situations of the elderly or disabled, who are called “vulnerable disaster victims.”
Method Research through books and on the Internet. Interviews with staff of the local welfare facilities and Takaishi City Municipal government.
Subject So-called “vulnerable victims of disasters.”
Results ・ We’ve found out the problems the elderly and disabled face in the event of disasters.
・ The supports for “the vulnerable victims of disasters” are not good enough and should be improved, but first of all, these problems are not visible to us.
Issues ・ Students don’t have the strong connection with the people in our community.
・ Especially in the event of a disaster, the existence of social minorities such as the elderly or disabled are often forgotten.
・ Our knowledge about disaster prevention is quite limited.
Action Plan ・ We can create some objects (e.g., disaster prevention calendars) collaboratively with the elderly in our community in order to make the connection with them stronger and also to raise awareness of disasters.