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Japan(Hyogo) Takigawa High School

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Title A study of reconstruction support for tsunami-stricken areas: What we learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Survey Introduction Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, we have been conducting  volunteer activities in the area, but due to the corona disaster, we felt that it was difficult to continue the activities and that society's    interest in the disaster areas had declined.         
Method We analyzed the reports of volunteer activities in disaster areas that
Takigawa High School Interact club has been conducting for more than 10 years.
Subject Survey area: Miyagi Pref.(kobuchi district of Oshika Peninsula, Ishinomaki
City and "Memory of Yuriage" in Natori City, etc.)
Results ・ It was difficult to grasp the local needs, and there were disparities in support such as relief supplies depending on the location.
In Tohoku, there were stone monuments in various places that conveyed the danger of tsunamis, but they were not fully utilized.
Issues ・ Problems of disparities in support                   
・ People's interest in natural disasters declines over time, and there are cases where lessons are not learned   
Action Plan ・ Creating a system that raises interest in the disaster area and leads to support for the disaster area (product development that utilizes special products of the disaster area)                       
・ Carrying on the precepts of natural disasters left by our predecessors and holding ] events to raise people's awareness of disaster prevention