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Japan(Wakayama) Hidaka High School

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Title In Order to Reduce Disaster Related-Death
Survey Introduction It is said that the Nankai Earthquake may happen within about 30 years. So our school will hold an evacuation drill, and a lot of local people such as local elementary school students will take part in it. However, we don’t have the opportunities to know about life at shelters. Therefore, we decided to search about disaster related-deaths.
Method questionnaires / interviews / experiments, etc.
Subject 100 students in Hidaka High School
Results Q.1 Do you know the disaster aftermath?
A.1 Yes:51%,   I only know the name.:33%,   No: 16% 
Q2.Please write some examples of the disaster aftermath.
A2. Physical disasters such as tsunami and fire : About 90%,
Mental effects such as stress, onset of illness, and disaster related-death at the shelters : About 10%
Q3.Did you know many people die because of onset of illness and worsening of disease?
A3.Yes:49%  No:51%
Issues ・Increasing numbers of disaster related-deaths.                 
・Disaster related-deaths are low name recognition.
Action Plan ・ (What you can do to solve the issues)                        
・ Making a poster, and a publication on my school website