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Workshops Theme 3 Group E

Japan(Tottori) Tottori Nishi High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Let’s increased!!awareness of disaster prevention ~The first step is to know~
Survey Introduction It is because we was concerned about the low awareness of disasters among the students of our school, who have hardly ever been hit by a disaster.
Method questionnaires
Subject how many and what kind of subjects took part in this survey
Results ・ Awareness of disaster prevention is low Many people don't know how to contact the others.
A first t-year student at our school.
Issues ・ Students (they) think that disasters will not occur in the area where you like.                     
・ There awareness of disaster prevention is lower compared with the people who were actually affected by the disasters.
Action Plan ・knowing about disasters .  
・Raising awareness of ownership → video learning about the disaster prevention、
experience of earthquake simulation car、poster making.