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Japan(Ehime) Matsuyama Minami High School

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Title Fabrication of seismic isolation rubbers which can be used for furniture
Survey Introduction According to certain statistics, between 30% and 50% of people are been wounded by falling or moving furniture at the time of an earthquake. So, we thought that the amount of injuries could be reduced by setting seismic isolation rubbers underneath the furniture.
Method We made a total of 12 types of seismic isolation rubbers by ourselves and conducted experiments to find out the conditions under which the transfer of shaking to furniture can be reduced.
Results ・ Circular seismic isolation rubbers made using a lubricating oil were placed underneath the four corners on the bottom of a piece of furniture, reducing the transfer of shaking to it.
・ The seismic isolation effect depends on both the diameter of the circular rubbers and the height of the rubber stack. The optimum stack height was found for a range of diameters.
Issues ・ For the sake of experimental simplicity, we used balloons for the seismic isolation rubbers, but these are not durable and must be improved.
・ For the sake of experimental simplicity, an iron plate was used in place of flooring, however we must check whether it is possible to use our seismic isolation rubbers with general flooring materials such as wood or tatami.
Action Plan ・ Produce seismic isolation rubbers that have excellent durability while being compatible with general flooring materials.
・ Raise awareness of the fact that a lot of damage is caused by furniture during earthquakes, and strive to spread seismic isolation rubber to households.