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Workshops Theme 3 Group E

Japan(Kochi) Kochi Kokusai Senior High School

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Presentation Summary

Title What we, the high school students can do at the evacuation shelter.
Survey Introduction When a big earthquake hits Kochi, our school will be the evacuation shelter in this area. In order to make the shelter life safe and comfortable, our help will be necessary for the people who evacuate. So we wanted to know what kind of things are to be considered for the better shelter management.
Method Questionnaires
Subject About 140 students (4 classes) in the 2nd grade of Kochi Kokusai High School
Results ・ Few students know where the emergency supplies are kept in our school.
・Some students seems to understand their roles to play at the shelter.
Issues ・ Many students don’t know where the emergency supplies are kept in school or some of the students don’t know their roles in the shelter.
・ Quite a few students have no idea about what to do at the shelter and have only anxiety for the shelter life.
Action Plan ・We will make disaster prevention manuals and distribute them to each classroom. First, we will make one about the places for the emergency suppilies.
・We will plan the shelter life simulation events.