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Japan(Kochi) Meitoku Gijuku High School

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Title Evacuation shelter management for everyone’s safety
Survey Introduction As one of the activities of our school's Disaster Prevention Committee this school year, we have been thinking about life in an evacuation shelter. In fact, the school faces the Pacific Ocean (Tosa Bay), and in the event of a Nankai Trough earthquake, the tsunami would hit within 20 minutes.
Although evacuation drills to higher ground have often been conducted, there is a problem to find the safe evacuation shelter afterwards. 
Under such circumstances, we began to think of and then research how to effectively manage the evacuation shelters.
Method We visited the Disaster Prevention Division of Tosa City Hall to ask questions about evacuation assembly points and evacuation shelters. We also participated in the "Women's Disaster Prevention Lecture Series" held once a month by the Kochi Gender Equality Center and learned a lot. We also had an interview with the female lecturer. 
Subject School girl students and school female teachers and staff
Results After listening to the lecture, we came to realize the tremendous necessity much more than before to turn our attention toward the needs of women and vulnerable people taking refuge at evacuation shelters.
Issues The more we learned about shelter management, the more we realized the lack of strategies in place to solve the problems that we found in the survey.
The number of the female disaster prevention leaders in shelter management is very low and so it is very difficult to understand and address the need of women’s difficulties and problems in the shelters. 
Action Plan We will have to acquire further detailed knowledge to improve planning and strategies for evacuation shelter management to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. We must especially pay attention towards those who need the most help and care, especially women.