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Japan(Fukuoka) Meiji Gakuen High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Action Plan for Raising Disaster Prevention and mitigation Awareness in Kitakyushu City.
Survey Introduction ①Natural disasters occur every year in Japan .② To achieve Goal 11 of the SDGs, it is important to become a city that is resistant to natural disasters, and disaster prevention and mitigation are essential.
Method Participant Observation (Disaster Prevention Lecture at Tobata Fire Station, Ride on Earthquake Experience Vehicle, Participate in Asobousai)
Subject Kitakyushu High school students
Results ① At the Tobata Fire Station, At the disaster prevention lecture, we heard about the history of natural disasters and the current situation in Kitakyushu. Hearing those stories made us feel closer to natural disasters, and made us think that we need to broaden our objective perspective. ② In the earthquake experience, We experienced a seismic intensity of 7, similar to the Kumamoto earthquake. We knew it was going to be a big tremor, but we could actually feel the threat of the earthquake and imagine the fear and anxiety of the victims. ③ At Asobousai, By implementing the project for elementary school students, our awareness of disaster prevention has increased, and we were motivated to learn more about disaster prevention.

Through this, we knew that high school students' awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation has improved.
Issues The high school students of Meiji Gakuen have improved our awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation through various experiences, but if only a limited number of students experience it, it is difficult to improve the awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation of all high school students in Kitakyushu City. Kitakyushu City, which has suffered little damage from disasters, must also work to raise public awareness of disaster prevention.
Action Plan ・In Kitakyushu City, where awareness of disaster prevention is weak, we would like to conduct disaster prevention enlightenment activities. We want to involve other high school students in the Kitakyushu area and set up events and collaboration opportunities together. We would also like to open a disaster prevention forum to expand the “circle of disaster prevention awareness” and pass it on to the next generation.