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Workshops Theme 2 Group D

Indonesia MAN 1 Model Banda Aceh

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Presentation Summary

Title Survey for Reducing Disaster Risks
Survey Introduction Reminiscing The 2004 Aceh Tsunami, this incident has killed more than 200.000 lives due to the lack of disaster education and awareness. This survey will help us to make improvements for reducing disaster risks.
Method Questionnaires
Subject 90 students from three disaster-effected schools In Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia
Results ・ Students realize the threat of natural hazard, but do not know how to deal with that.
・ 55,6% of the students are not sure (neutral) on buildings’ safety.
・ Only two schools provided evacuation route sign.
・ The last disaster management program was 5 years ago.
Issues ・ Lack of Awareness
・ Ignorance of Evacuation Buildings
・ Lack of Disaster Management Programs
・ How to Deal with Upcoming Disasters
・ Distrust of Future Disasters
Action Plan ・ Annual Simulation in School
・ Disaster Ambassador and Social Media Campaign
・ Conserving Local Wisdom