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Workshops Theme 3 Group F

Cambodia Preah Sisowath High School

Presentation Summary

Title Taking Steps Towards Building Back Better
Survey Introduction We started this survey because we want to spread awareness about Tsunami disaster, so that one would be well prepared if it occurs. Moreover, by spreading this awareness globally, we could engage more with one another to find a common issues as well as the solutions on how to build our communities back better.
Method questionnaires / interviews
Subject We conducted this survey mainly with high school students (from the same school) that amount to 173 people in total.
Results ・ From the survey that we have conducted, only 17 students out of 175 students did not know what a Tsunami disaster is.
・Out of 20 students that we interviewed, 14 students said that they would want to see the government priorities on the infrastructure problems.
Issues ・ In our current situation, we do not have a reliable warning system for any natural disasters.                      
・ Moreover, our defense system is not in any helpful way to protect our people from the disasters.    
Action Plan Building a stronger regional community:
Maintaining cleanliness within the community
Unity between the nation’s citizens
Participating in the reconstruction and restoration:
Include extracurricular activities regarding the expedition of the reparation of houses and other buildings
Volunteer in organizations or programs that involves the betterment of the environment in the form of competitions and workshops

Cooperating beyond borders:
Sharing it on social media
Participating in international events
Establishing friendships with students from other countries and exchanging ideas and opinions on natural disasters