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Viet Nam Tran Phu High School

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Title Students Awareness of post-disaster management & recovery.
Survey Introduction To find out how well aware are the Vietnamese students about the potential threats of natural disasters and solutions to prevent it
Method Questionnaires
Subject We conducted a survey asking students in 2 different cities in Northern Vietnam (Haiphong) and Central Vietnam (Danang) about their experience and awareness of post-disaster recovery
Roughly about 230 Northern Vietnamese students and 150 Central Vietnamese students have participated in this survey.
Results ・In Northern Vietnam (Haiphong)
1. 30.43% student answered “Yes”
2. 40,00% is “Schools”, 46,67% is others
3. 4.35% student answered “Yes”
4. 30% student answered "Yes"; 55% student answered "So so"; 5% answered "Not so much"; 10% answered "No"
5. 95,65% student answered “Yes”

・ In Central Vietnam (Danang)
1. 86.67% student answered “Yes”
2. 60,00% is “Schools”; 33.33% is local areas and 6.67% is others
3. 46.67% student answered “Yes”
4. 80% student answered "Yes"; 20% student answered "So so"
5. 100% student answered "Yes"
Issues Although most Vietnamese students are aware of the potential threats, many still lack survival skills and experience in real-life post-disaster situations.
Compulsory education only includes theoretical knowledge
Students have never been effectively and practically trained for the arrival of a natural disaster, or how to survive during and after a storm, etc
There is a big difference in students' awareness between 2 cities which are influenced by the disasters in different frequency.
Action Plan Cooperate with countries that have suffered a lot of damage from past disasters, namely Japan, to jointly create a program on how to prevent them and distribute it to public & private institutions all over the country.