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Title Encouraging Natural Disaster Awareness
Survey Introduction There has not been any deadly and serious natural disaster in Myanmar after the Cyclone Nargis in late April 2008, which is the worst natural disaster recorded in Myanmar. It has caused over 130,000 deaths. Majority of the high school students have been recently born, or were toddlers during the devastating disaster. So, we interviewed 60 upper secondary students about their experiences with natural disasters: what happened during that time; how they responded to it; and what they did to minimise damage.
Method interviews
Results ・ Floods, heavy rains and earthquakes are the most experienced natural disasters in Myanmar.
・Majority of the students interviewed did not take any action during nor after the incident to minimalise damage.
Issues 1. Due to only minor natural disasters occurring in Myanmar, teenagers are not interested in disaster safety.
2. 80% of the students surveyed are unable to properly defend themselves from the dangers of a natural disaster.
3. The students surveyed cannot tell the early signs of a natural disaster, and have no general precautions at home in the case of an emergency.

Action Plan ・We will start online campaigns to spread awareness about how to take precautions in the chance of a common or uncommon natural disaster in Myanmar.
・We will create posters about the dangers of cyclones and earthquakes in Myanmar, we will pass it out to the students of Brainworks and to the public.