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Laos Vientiane secondary school

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Presentation Summary

Title Flood Disaster in Lao PDR
Survey Introduction This survey was created to demonstrate the impact of floods and some summary details about how people dealt with them, as well as the situation regarding the flood disaster in Lao PDR
Method Daily news & Platform online
Subject Laos Flood Disaster and Natural detail
Results ・ We learn what people did in the aftermath of a flood disaster
・ We devised a rational solution and future plans to reduce the risk of flooding.
Issues ・ Climate action includes both natural and human factors.
・ Lao PDR's drainage systems are insufficient and ineffective
Action Plan • Concentrate on resolving the drainage issue (by collaborating with the government and private sector to establish a qualified center for people's evacuation)
• Encourage more organizations to create more activities (such as volunteer, numerous projects, activity of social assistants etc.) related to disasters and improving survival ability for the community.