Participating High Schools

Workshops Theme 1 Group B

Solomon Islands Betikama Adventist College

School Introduction Video

Presentation Summary

Survey Introduction We started this survey to find out if our college was a safe place for a tsunami, should the nearest volcano (Savo) erupt or an earthquake triggers a tsunami.
Method ・questionnaires
・ Consultations with the school disaster management council
Subject Classes that participated:
・Year 7 Social Studies
・Year 12 Geography
・Year 13 Geography
Results BAC needs to review its awareness strategies, because the school is in the red zone, which is the not safe zone.
Issues ・ The school is located right next to the Lungga River (River mouth is just approximately 2kms away)
・ The school community on its own has a total population of around 500 + students’ staff and families who are not all aware of the dangers of a Tsunami
Action Plan ・ Awareness on Tsunamis Causes and Impacts to the whole school community
・ Revise the current strategies in place and include a Tsunami Strategy.