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Japan(Niigata) Niigata High School

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Title Fighting Misinformation in the Event of Natural Disasters and Promoting the Purchase of Food Produced in the Affected Areas
Survey Introduction We think it necessary to consider how to solve various post-disaster industrial problems, such as sluggish consumption and less willingness to purchase food produced in the disaster-stricken areas, and how to restore industry more quickly and effectively.
Method Research using the Internet, interviews and questionnaires.
Subject Interviews ➡ Earthquake-related people,
Questionnaires ➡ Our school’s students
Results ・Many people are still hesitant to buy food from the affected areas.
・Misinformation follows disasters.
Issues ・Insufficient opportunities to promote the purchase of food from the affected areas.
・Lack of venues to disseminate prior knowledge about misinformation during disasters.
Action Plan ・To try not to be deceived by wrong information which spread in case of a disaster. We will have school announcement and school assembly to allow students to act following the correct information.
・To make products from the affected areas available to purchase at school stores and vending machines.