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Japan(Niigata) Sanjo High School

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Title Take Action Against Disaster Prevention
Survey Introduction The other day we had an earthquake during class. Our classroom is on the forth floor,so we felt the tremor quiet a bit.
However, we didn’t have a sence of danger or caution. Later we recalled that our response and awareness during the earthquake ware not correct. Then we began to research and hypothesize that the younger generation may have less awareness of natural disasters and disaster prevention.
Method (1)questionnaires
(2) interview
Subject (1)questionnaires / target 217 studentsu of Sanjo high school target 2000 people over the age 20)
How many students who have awareness of disaster prevention do Sanjo high school have?
How many students actually participate in emergency drills in Sanjo high school have?

(2) (interview/Sanjo, Tsubame, Nagaoka city hall disaster division )
 How many people are participating in disaster drills in the Sanjo, Tsubame, and Nagaoka city?
Results (1)85% of students have an awareness of the disaster prevention measures.
Only 28% of the students who actually take same action against disaster.
92% of them the people have interest in disaster prevention measures.
Only 57% of them who actually do some action against disasters.

(2)An interview on the implementation of disaster drills in Sanjo City, Tsubame City, and Nagaoka City how often three cities hold disaster drills every year.
Subjects(if applicable): (how many and what kind of subjects took part in this survey)
It turned out that they held disasters drills on a date when the younger generation couldn’t take part in the drills. In addition, many of them didn’t know about the drills because there not enough PR activities.
Issues From our research, we have found that many young people know they need to do something about disaster prevention but very few of them take action against disasters.
It is hard to act properly based on the correct information when disasters happen but we need to think about what we should do and actually take action against disasters.
Action Plan We, high school students should take action so that young people like junior high school students and elementary school students will have more interest in disaster prevention.
For example from our point of view, we will plan and hold disaster prevention drills that can be promoted to more people and that more people participate in. They may have little experience and knowledge of disasters, but they have a lot of ICT skills and new ideas.