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Survey Introduction The world has a lot of unpredictable events. Likewise, life has full of surprises same as the environment. Given the fact that Puro Caoayan Ilocos Sur is an island means it is surrounded by water. With this we cannot deny that the said island is prone to unusual and unpredictable phenomena, calamities and disasters. A disaster is a serious problem occurring over a short or long period of time that causes widespread human, material, economic or environmental loss which exceeds the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources. Disasters can be classified into two, which are natural and man-made disaster. Natural disasters can be caused by naturally occurring events, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods and tornadoes, while man-made disasters can be due to human made events, either accidental or deliberately caused. In this study we will know the different coping mechanisms of the residents of Puro Caoayan in different types of disasters as mentioned above.
On July 27, 2022 about 8:45 in the morning, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the place. The island suffered from liquefaction due to the said disaster brought out black sand which destroyed the water system of the school. Minor cracks on the school buildings and residential houses was recorded. At present the school is in recuperation for the trauma and physical damages brought by liquefaction.
With this situation, we conducted a quick survey to the residents of Puro, Caoayan regarding about their coping mechanisms when there is a disaster, and this is to measure or to gauge how ready or responsive the residents are when there is an occurrence of such. Furthermore, we were able to identify issues and concerns that needs to be addressed. It was somehow a good avenue to know more about their coping mechanisms and to learn something from those and of course to augment to their shortcomings.
Method Survey Questionnaires
Subject 15 residents of Puro, Caoayan, Ilocos Sur
Results The results of the study presented below are parallel to the survey questions.
1. Most of the respondents define disaster as (a) destructive, (b) life threatening,
(c) there's a big damage to the natural calamity, (d) unpredictable and also a hazardous event. We all know that disaster is a sudden event and causing a widespread damage to people, buildings, and environmental losses.
2. Majority of the respondents said that when a disaster strikes, they typically
stay calm and do not panic, pray and protect their families, evacuate, and always be ready when a disaster strikes, we must turn to God for direction and protection since nothing is impossible with him. Additionally, we must maintain our composure and avoid panicking because, when faced with a calamity, we cannot function normally if we are scared. Other stated that they typically free the area after a disaster in order to be safe in case something bad occurs. Last but not least, we must be ready, especially in advance of a
catastrophe, in order to remain calm both during and after a terrible incident.
3. When there is an impending disaster, according to them, their preparations
are, to keep their house safe and to prepare all the necessary and important things like food, clothes, documents and emergency health kits. We need to prepare in times of emergency to avoid great damage, reduce fear, and anxiety. Preparing for disaster saves countless lives, speed up people recovery and
saves money.
4. Majority of the respondents identified ways on how they cope up with the
effects of disaster such as (a) move on, forgot the past, and face the future, (b) be ready (c) be prepared always, (d) pray always, (e) take step to promote your own physical and emotional healing by healthy eating, rest, relaxation, and medication, (f) talk to someone and seek professional help for disaster related stress, (g) limit exposure to images of the disaster, (h) find time to for activities you enjoy, (i) take one thing at a time, (j) do something positive, (k) avoid excessive drinking and ask for help when you need it and inspecting the home safeness and keep strong for your family.
5. When there is a disaster or any emergency cases, majority of the respondents
of Puro, Caoayan, Ilocos Sur answered that they keep in touch with MDRRMO so that they are aware when a calamity or a natural disaster strikes. Other respondents stated that when there is a disaster or any emergency they evacuate in a safe area or location to protect their selves and so as their families.
6. Most of the respondents of Puro, Caoayan, Ilocos Sur, July 27,2022 was the
last time they experienced a disastrous event. They also said that they went through anxiety, sleeping difficulties, trauma, nightmares, fear, and panic as well. It is common for us to experience several mental health issues when there is a disastrous event.
Issues • Based on the answers of the respondents, we came up to the mental health issues like trauma, anxiety, sleeping, terrified, and panic attack.
Action Plan Have an information drive about Mental Health Awareness and Disaster Preparedness.
Consult medical professionals regarding Mental Health concerns.