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Japan(Hyogo) Kobe Univ. Secondary School

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Title OUR ““Direct Road””-how can we make ““Direct Road”” best for us?-
Survey Introduction As part of the school-wide disaster education program, in 2020 DR3 led a class using "“Direct Road”," a game designed to raise awareness about how to react when disaster occurs. We conducted this lesson to learn how to deal with problems we may encounter after a disaster using everyday items.
Method Implementation of disaster education lessons using "““Direct Road””"
Subject Approximately 730 students in grades 1 to 6 of our school
Results ・All participants were able to work together and have fun while learning how to deal with disaster.
・One model answer on how to deal with problems that occur during disasters using everyday items was shown as an example.
Issues ・ Since there is only one model answer shown, when it is different from the model, we do not know whether our answer is acceptable. This could lead to our unflexibility in response when the actual disaster occurs.
・The rules for direct load are too complicated and it took time to understand how to play it. Because of this, the participants had difficulty in remembering the principle of “Direct Road”.
・Some of the items used in “Direct Road” are unfamiliar. Items that can be used to solve problems are not in line with the daily life of students and their school life. 
・Living conditions and local circumstances are too specific, which are not applicable for everyone.
・Many students participated in the games as if they were playing, and ended up saying "that was fun" and learning little.
Action Plan To make our “Direct Road,”
・ We can make blank cards so that everyone can write original items. Then, they are asked to think about whether their answers are practical, using things that the school can provide, such as plastic bags, desks, and etc.                 
・We use the actual map of the school or the area we live in.
・Preferably, the game situation is designed based on the school building rather than on a tabletop game.