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Japan(Nara) Nara Ikuei High School

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Presentation Summary

Title Aiming at zero fatalities in disasters from Nara,a prefecture with few disasters
Survey Introduction It is often said that Nara Prefecture has few disasters.But we wonder if it is true.Moreover,instead of thinking of disasters as someone else’s problem,we want to do what we can do as a resident of Nara.
Method Document research or questionnaire survey
Subject Nara Ikuei junior High School and High School students.
Results ・Nara has few disasters,so people living in Nara are vulnerable to them.     
・According to a survey of junior high school students and high school students,students living in Nara Prefecture believed that they were less likely to suffer damage and they were also more confident than people living in other prefectures that they would be able to secure their own safety in case of a disaster.
Issues ・ From our survey ,students who live in Nara Prefecture think little of disasters such as earthquakes. 
・ Elementary school students,who will support the next generation,need to have a better understanding of the fear of earthquakes.
Action Plan ・ Teaching elementary school students about the fear of earthquakes.                  
・ Creating a hazard book containing hazard maps and information necessary to be prepared for disasters.